These are the cars Arabs most love to drive

Have you ever wondered which cars are popular in some of the desert nations? Well, car popularity is a result of some factors that include affordability, features, and expectations. Most nations in the Arab Nations are not that well off when it comes to wealth. You shall notice that most of the cars are cheap and very affordable.

Lets us look at the list.


Just in the same Northern African plain, Algerians use the Renault Clio more than any car under the sun.

Algerians have a good relationship with the French and adoptions of the Renault were pretty obvious.

It is also affordable and efficient. One of the biggest advantages is that it has flexible mobility, especially when traveling in Central Business Districts (CBD).


Just like Algeria, Moroccans use more French cars. A Peugeot 307 is the most accessed vehicle and many people are still showing appreciation of the car.

They say that it is very affordable and conducive to such a climate. It’s not only the sexy and flamboyant language from France but car models are exceptional.


If you want to get a fast car that covers a lot of ground at a quick speed in Oman, look for Toyota Land Cruiser.

Omanis, like many people around the world, love to burn some wheels and love to drive very fast.

They actually love the Land Cruiser because there is a certain edge that it brings to the tracks.


Do you know the Victoria Crown? Yes, that’s the trending vehicle in Kuwait. In other countries like the USA, it is used as a cop car because it has good balance when chasing off other cars.

However, in Kuwait, the car is used as a personal car. With a wide oil-enriched Kuwait,  they (people in Kuwait) are not really bothered by the number of miles The Victoria covers. In total it covers 200,000 miles.


Lebanese are actually a bit fancy, they go for BMW Series 3, which is great for racing too as it was mentioned at Their love for German cars has a bit of history to the whole issue.

During the Lebanese Civil War in 1975, many Lebanese nationalities migrated to Germany which was the nearest nation and this triggered a cultural adoption in which the blend became a total status icon back home. They adopted the car models.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is rich and it is rated among the richest countries in the world. But in such a wealthy country who would think that a Toyota Camry is the most popular vehicle around. A Toyota Camry is just a cheap vehicle that is a result of cheap Japanese parts.


In the land of Pharaohs, a Hyundai Verna is the most popular car around. It is very affordable and reachable.

When it comes to repairs, you can actually play around with its parts. With such a scorching desert outland in Egypt, Hyundai comes with an efficient air conditioning model that will leave travelers fresh.


In the whole of the gulf nation and the surrounding areas, Toyota Land Cruiser has become to be the best and largely popular vehicle around.

Did you know that Qatar automobile fanatics love to buy SUVs. They prefer more SUVs than any other vehicles around. You can find a person having more SUVs than any other car model.


Jordan is pretty small and with such a small economy you wouldn’t expect something fancy from the vehicle sector. l

The Kia Sephia is the most used vehicle in Jordan. It is a tiny automobile that is manufactured in South Korea.

Can you guess why it became so popular in such a small country? Well, you can actually notice that a Kia Sephia is one of the easiest cars to assemble hence it was not going to be difficult for those from Jordan to purchase the car.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Of all the cars in UAE, a Nissan Patrol was recently seen at most Emirates garages. It is clear from the onset that the car was going to flood on the internet, going viral to the extent that people began to question the reality of the patrol.

The patrol is said to have been produced in the year 2010 using its four-wheel on the market.

The Patrol of Nissan vehicles are located in most garages in Emirates, for example in 1990, the shipping of Nissan vehicles went viral. As mentioned earlier, car shipping started in the early ’90s.

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