Escaping unhurt from a radarfalle

Do you love speed? If yes then you should be aware about the radarfalle that fall in your way. Speed thrills but kills and for this reason the German government as set speed cameras and radars to catch over speeding vehicles. Over speeding is not allowed at certain roads and those, who are caught driving at a high speed, are fined heavily. But there is no need to worry as you can see the speed cameras and slow down your vehicle to escape unhurt from the clutches of law. All you need to do to get speed camera alerts is to download software in your mobile. The software is connected to large database of speed cameras set throughout the country.It was never easy to detect a radarfalle through a mobile phone before the launch of POIbase software. A team of enterprising engineers toured the country to determine the exact location of speed radars on the highways and motorways cutting across the length and breadth of the country.

The database can be accessed with software that can be downloaded in mobile phones. Once the software is successfully downloaded in your mobile, it will beep whenever there is a speed camera.People driving their vehicles at a high speed can easily be caught by the speed cameras and they are made to pay heavy fine by the authorities. The government cares for its citizens and it wants them to drive safe. But there is no harm in driving the vehicle at a manageable speed. Government has set a speed limit for the drivers and driving under this speed limit is quite frustrating for people.

A responsible citizen would never harm his life or put other life in danger by driving his vehicle at a high speed. To escape from being caught by the radarfalle, the responsible citizens can use POIbase and enjoy long drives.The POIbase software will alert you about the possible radarfalle much before you enter into the camera eye. You will get ample time to slow down your vehicle and escape from the clutches of law. The good thing about POIbase is that it is legal as it helps people drive safely. The POIbase provides real help to the drivers who can drive their vehicles without any apprehension and reach their destination on time. You will be delighted to know that this database is regularly updated for new radar traps on the highways.